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Free Online Language Courses

Word2Word is pleased to provide these links in the hope of all people developing a better understanding of others through the use of language. We have attempted to place as many online courses at your disposal as possible. These sites contain lessons to help learn one language from another. The courses vary in quality and the quantity of material presented. Please note that some of the courses may require your browser to have the ability to read the language being learned. The links we provide are to free resources. If you are a business and would like to be a sponsor of this site or you find any bad links or new useful links then please contact us from the appropriate address on our How To Contact Us webpage.

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Abenaki Afrikaans Ainu Albanian Arabic Aramaic Armenian
Asturian Basque Bengali Bosnian Breton Bukharic Bulgarian
Burmese Catalan Cebuano Chamorro Cherokee Chichewa Chinese
Chinook Cornish Cree Creole Croatian Czech Dakota
Danish Dutch English Esperanto Estonian Finnish French
Frisian Friulian Gaelic Galician German Greek Gujarati
Haida Halkomelem Hawaiian Hebrew Hiligaynon Hindi Hmong
Hungarian Icelandic Igbo Indonesian Italian Ivatan Japanese
Kannada Kapampangan Khmer Kiribati Konkani Korean Koyukon
Kurdish Lao Latin Latvian Lezgi Lithuanian Luganda
Malay Malayalam Maltese Mandinka Marathi Michif Mingo
Mon Norwegian Ojibwe Pali Papiamentu Persian Polish
Portuguese Punjabi Quechua Romanian Rotuman Russian Samoan
Sanskrit Sesotho Serbian Sicilian Sinhala Slovak Slovenian
Somali Spanish Swahili Swedish Tagalog Tamil Telugu
Thai Tibetan Tigrigna Turkish Tzotzil Ukrainian Urdu
Uzbek Vietnamese Waray-Waray Welsh Wollof Xhosa Yiddish
Language For Travelers
Lessons in many Languages
LingNet - The Linguists' Network
Language resources and free software on their BBS
BBC - Languages
Lessons in many languages
Language Tests Excercises
Test your English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian
Edufinder: International Language Schools
A comprehensive list of language schools
Single-Serving Phrase Guides
Download language files and audio in many languages
UniLang Language Community
Language lessons and resources in many languages
My Language Exchange
Members from over 114 countries, practicing 75 languages
Language pronunciation tutorials with sound clips
Phrases in 10 languages
Vocabulary, Grammar and Readings in 13 languages
Free Online Vocabulary Trainer
101 phrases in 25 languages
eLanguage School
Free language lessons in 10 languages
Free language lessons in 6 languages
Free Multi Language Vocabulary Lessons
Internet Polyglot
Enhanced digital flashcard lessons in many languages
Language Lessons in various languages
Learn Indian Languages
Learn to speak different languages from India
Digital Dialects
Animated activites for learning many languages
Effective Language Learning
Language lessons in Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish
Language Lessons in many languages

* Abenaki: Welcome to the Abenaki Language
* Afrikaans: Learn Afrikaans Online
* Afrikaans: Easy Afrikaans
* Ainu: Ainu Grammar
* Albanian: Albanian Language - Peace Corps
* Arabic: Babel - Arabic
* Arabic: Learn to Read Arabic
* Arabic: WEB Arabic (in English and French)
* Arabic: Let's Learn Some Arabic
* Arabic: Learn Arabic Online
* Arabic: Speak 7 (Arabic) by Salim
* Arabic: Madinah Arabic
* Arabic: Advanced Vega Society - Learn Arabic
* Arabic: Arabic Online
* Aramaic: Introductory Lessons in Aramaic
* Aramaic: Learn Assyrian (Syriac-Aramaic) Online
* Armenian: Armenian Lessons Online
* Armenian: Armenian Lessons
* Armenian: Learn Armenian
* Asturian: Gramaticaa de la Llingua Asturiana
* Asturian: Espaciu y Tiempu de la Llingua Asturiana
* Basque/Euskara: Basque Studies Program
* Basque/Euskara: Buber's Euskara Page
* Basque/Euskara: Euskara (In French)
* Bengali: Learn to Read Bengali
* Bosnian: Learn Bosnian Language
* Breton: Kervarker
* Bukharic: Bukharian Jewish Language
* Bulgarian: Learn Bulgarian
* Bulgarian: Bulgarian Grammar Drills
* Burmese: Burmese Language
* Catalan: Learning Catalan
* Catalan: Parla Catala
* Cebuano: Cebuano Lessons
* Chamorro: Languages of Guam(txt)
* Chamorro: Chamorro Language Lessons
* Cherokee: Basic Cherokee
* Cherokee: Cherokee Language Lessons
* Cherokee: Cherokee Nation Cultural Resource Center
* Chichewa: Chichewa Language Materials
* Chinese: Rutgers Multimedia Chinese Teaching System
* Chinese: Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online
* Chinese: Learn Chinese
* Chinese: Chinese Tools - Learn Chinese
* Chinese: Online College of Chinese Language
* Chinese: ZapChinese
* Chinese: Chinese (Mandarin) - Wikibooks
* Chinese: Mandarin Chinese with Serge Melnyk
* Chinese: I Love Chinese
* Chinese: ClearChinese: Learn Chinese
* Chinese: Chinese Phrases for Travelers
* Chinese: Learn Mandarin
* Chinese: World Learner Chinese
* Chinese: Yes Chinese
* Chinook: Chinook Jargon
* Cornish: Warlinenn - The Cornish Language Online
* Cornish: Kernewek dre Gesroesweyth
* Cree: Cree Language Lessons
* Creole: Kreyol Grammer: The Language Of Haiti
* Creole: Lousiana Creole Grammer
* < Croatian: Learn Croatian for free
* Czech: The Little Czech Primer
* Czech: Local Lingo - a Czech Language Site
* Czech: Czech Grammar
* Dakota: Learn Dakota
* Dakota: Beginning Dakota
* Danish: tsca's Danish Grammar
* Danish: Danish Grammar
* Danish: Speakdanish.dk
* Danish: Grammar Explorer Danish
* Dutch: Learn Dutch
* Dutch: Dutch Language Course Online
* Dutch: Dutch for Beginners
* Dutch: Online Dutch Grammar Course
* Dutch: Introduction to the Dutch Language
* Dutch: Dutch for Travelers
* Dutch: Learn Dutch
* Dutch: Dutch Today
* Dutch: 2BDutch
* English: EFI English for Internet
* English: English Page
* English: Practice for learners of English
* English: English For All
* English: English Writing the Easy Way
* English: Mary's English Course
* English: Learn English For Israeli Students
* English: Easy English for Russians
* English: Transitional English for Speakers of Spanish
* English: ¡Hable Inglés en sólo un año!
Spanish Lessons for English
* English: La Mansion del Ingles
Spanish Lessons for English
* Esperanto: Esperanto
Esperanto Lessons
* Esperanto: Gerda malaperis
French lessons for Esperanto
* Esperanto: Cours Gratuit d'Esp?anto
French lessons for Esperanto
* Esperanto: Lernu!
Many languages for lessons in Esperanto
* Estonian: Estonian Language Course
* Euskara: Buber's Euskara Page
* Finnish: Tavataan tass!
* Finnish: Finnish Grammar Bits
* Finnish: Introduction to Finnish
* Finnish: Venla - Finnish for Foreigners
* French: French Lessons from Everywhere
* French: French Language Lessons
* French: French Assistant
* French: The French Tutorial
* French: About: French Language
* French: WordProf French Lessons
* French: French For Beginners
* French: RealFrench
* French: ZUT - Interactive Activities for French
* French: French Revision
* French: Cours Electronique de Francis (in Portuguese)
* Frisian: Frisian Course
* Friulian: Course of Friulian
* Gaelic: Elementary Course of Gaelic
* Gaelic: Irish Language Lessons
* Gaelic: Learn How to Speak Irish Gaelic
* Gaelic: Gaelic Course
* Gaelic: Manx Gaelic Lessons
* Galician: Curso de Galega
* German: Deutsche Internet Übungen
* German: Internet Handbook of German Grammar
* German: LearnPlus Deutsch 1
* German: GUT - Interactive Activities for German
* German: Deutsch lernen im Internet
* German: German for Everyone
* German: Toms Deutschseite
* German: Yes German
* Greek: Modern Greek - Advanced Level
* Greek: Greek through the Internet
* Greek: Learn to Read Greek
* Greek: Modern Greek as a foreign language
* Greek: Learn Greek Online !
* Greek: Modern Greek Grammar
* Gujarati: UKIndia Learn Gujarati
* Gujarati: Learn Gujarati
* Haida: Xaat Kil - The Haida Language
* Halkomelem: Intoduction to Tatul'ut tthu Hul'q'uni'num
* Hawaiian: The Hawaiian Language Web Site
* Hebrew: Learn to Read Hebrew
* Hebrew: Hebrew For Me
* Hebrew: Online Hebrew Tutorial
* Hebrew: Hevenu Shalom Aleikhem
* Hebrew: Biblia Hebraica
* Hebrew: Aleph-Bet on the Net
* Hebrew: Easy Hebrew/Ivrit bkalut
* Hebrew: Learn the Hebrew Alefbet the Easy Way Through Pictures
* Hebrew: Learn Hebrew
* Hebrew: Learn Hebrew Verbs
* Hiligaynon: Hiligaynon Lessons
* Hindi: Hindi Program at Penn
* Hindi: Virtual Hindi
* Hindi: Hindi at SU
* Hindi: A Door Into Hindi
* Hindi: Ukindia Learn to Read Hindi
* Hindi: Open of Course - Hindi Beginners Course
* Hmong: Hmong Lessons
* Hungarian: Hungarian Language Course
* Hungarian: Hungarian Language Lessons
* Icelandic: Icelandic Grammar Notebook
* Icelandic: Icelandic Pronunciation Guide
* Icelandic: Icelandic Online
* Igbo: Introduction To The Igbo Language
* Indonesian: SEAsite
* Indonesian: Beginning Indonesian
* Italian: Web Italian Lessons, by Lucio Chiappetti
* Italian: CyberItalian
* Italian: Italian Language Course for the Internet
* Italian: Free Italian Course for Beginners
* Italian: The Italian Electronic Classroom
* Italian: Italian Tutorial
* Italian: Speak7 Italian
* Italian: Tutorino
* Italian: OGGI E DOMANI
* Italian: Italianize Yourself
* Italian: Yes Italian
* Japanese: Absolutely learn Japanese-Online
* Japanese: Kanji Study Material
* Japanese: Weekly Lesson
* Japanese: The Japanese Page
* Japanese: Learn Japanese - Free!
* Japanese: Learn-Japanese.net
* Japanese: Free Japanese Lessons!
* Japanese: Nihongo o Narau - Learn Japanese
* Japanese: Japanese Phrases for Travelers
* Japanese: Yes Japanese
* Kannada: Spoken Kannada
* Khmer: Learn Khmer
* Kiribati: Kiribati Language Lessons
* Konkani: Learn Konkani
* Korean: Korean through English
* Korean: Kosnet - Korean Study Network
* Korean: Let's Learn Korean
* Korean: Learn Korean and Speak Korean
* Korean: Korean Studies at Sogang
* Koyukon: Language Lessons
* Kurdish: Grammar of the Kurmanji
* Kurdish: Kurdish Academy of Language
* Lao: LCW - Lao Language
* Lao: Lao Language - Interactive Lao Language Learning
* Latin: Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar
* Latin: Study Guide To Wheelock Latin
* Latin: Latin course for the Virtual School of Languages
* Latin: Latin: The Easy Way
* Latvian: Study Latvian Online
* Latvian: Language Helpers
* Lezgi: Lezgi ch'al - Lezgi language
* Lithuanian: Lithuanian Language Club
* Lithuanian: Lithuanian Language Lessons
* Lithuanian: Online Lithuanian School DEBESEIS
* Lithuanian: Baltic Online
* Luganda: A Primer on speaking and writing Luganda
* Malay: A basic course in Bahasa Malaysia
* Malayalam: Malayalam Language Tutor
* Maltese: Basic Maltese Grammar
* Mandinka: Mandinka Grammar Manual(pdf)
* Marathi: MarathiMitra
* Michif: LearnMichif
* Mingo: Conversational Mingo Language Lessons
* Mon: Mon Language
* Norwegian: NorWords
* Norwegian: Pa vei - interaktive oppgaver (In Norwegian)
* Norwegian: Learn Norwegian Online
* Ojibwe: Noongwa e-Anishinaabemjig
* Ojibwe: Ojibwe Language
* Oneida: Oneida Language Revitalization Program
* Pali: The New Pali Course Book
* Papiamentu: Papiamentu - Papiamento
* Persian: Persian is Sugar!
* Persian: Easy Persian
* Polish: A Course of the Polish Language
* Polish: Learn Polish
* Polish: Univ. of Pittsburgh: Polish Language Website
* Portuguese: Brazilian Portuguese
* Portuguese: Short Portuguese Lessons
* Portuguese: Portuguese Online
* Portuguese: EasyPortuguese
* Portuguese: Simply Put Portuguese
* Portuguese: Portugisisk Grammatik (In Danish)
* Portuguese: sonia-portuguese.com
* Punjabi: Learn Punjabi
* Quechua: Quechua Language Homepage
* Quechua: Basic Quechua Lessons
* Romanian: Romanian Lessons
* Romanian: Learn Romanian
* Rotuman: Rotuman Language Lessons (pdf)
* Russian: Russian Language in Pictures
* Russian: Textbook Of The Russian Language
* Russian: RusLang.com
* Russian: Learn Russian Language
* Russian: A Course of Russian Language in Spanish
* Russian: Russian Excercise Index
* Russian: Learn Russian with Russian radio DJ
* Russian: Russian Lessons Net
* Russian: Open of Course - Russian for Beginners
* Russian: Listen 2 Russian
* Russian: Learn and Practice Russian Online
* Russian: Bridge To Russian
* Russian: Olesa's Russian Course
* Samoan: Samoan Language
* Sanskrit: Acharya - Learn Sanskrit through self-study
* Sesotho: Sesotho Language Course
* Serbian: Serbo-Croat Language
* Serbian: Serbian School
* Sicilian: Sicilian Language Course Online
* Slovak: Slovak for Beginners
* Slovak: Learn Slovak Online
* Slovenian: Slovenian Language Basics
* Sinhala: Learn Sinhala
* Somali: Beginning English For Somali Speakers
* Spanish: Web Spanish Lessons, by Tyler Jones
* Spanish: Spanish Language Exercises
* Spanish: Learn Spanish
* Spanish: Learn Spanish: Free Online Tutorial
* Spanish: Learn Spanish
* Spanish: Business Spanish Tutorials
* Spanish: Spanish Language Course
* Spanish: e Learn Spanish Language
* Spanish: Spanish Unlimited
* Spanish: Learn Spanish Online
* Spanish: SpanishTown Spanish Resources
* Spanish: TODO-CLARO (in English and German)
* Spanish: SpaniCity
* Spanish: Speak 7 (Spanish)
* Spanish: My Spanish Teacher
* Spanish: Learn Spanish with audio and transliterations
* Spanish: Mansion Spanish
* Spanish: Advanced Vega Society - Learn Spanish
* Spanish: Open of Course - Spanish Beginners Course
* Spanish: Learn Spanish Faster
* Spanish: 123 TeachMe
* Spanish: Languages 4 Free
* Swahili: Kiswahili Home Page
* Swahili: Useful Swahili
* Swahili: Swahili Study Aids
* Swedish: Swedish Language Course
* Swedish: SSE - Introduction to Swedish
* Swedish: Björn Engdahl's Swedish Course
* Swedish: Stugan
* Tagalog: Tagalog Language Homepage
* Tamil: Learn to Read Tamil
* Tamil: Learn Tamil (pdf)
* Tamil: Thamil Paadanool - Learn Tamil
* Telugu: First Steps Of Learning Telugu
* Telugu: Online Telugu Tutor
* Tibetan: Learning Tibetan
* Tibetan: The Tibetan Grammar and Phrasebook (pdf)
* Tigrigna: Tigrigna Language Lessons
* Thai: Thai Language Page
* Thai: Thai Homepage
* Thai: Learning Thai Language the Easy Way!
* Thai: Learning Thai
* Thai: Langhub Learning Thai
* Thai: Franco-Thai (Thai for French speakers)
* Turkish: Turkish Lessons
* Turkish: OnlineTurkish
* Turkish: Turkish Language Class
* Turkish: Totally Turkish
* Turkish: e-Learning Turkish Grammar
* Tzotzil: Sk'op Sotz'leb
* Urdu: Learn to Read Urdu
* Uzbek: Introduction to the Uzbeck Language
* Vietnamese: Spoken Vietnamese For Beginners
* Vietnamese: Vietnamese Language and Culture
* Waray-Waray: Waray Lessons (pdf)
* Welsh: A Welsh Course
* Welsh: Catchphrase Lessons
* Wollof: Wollof Grammar Manual (pdf)
* Xhosa: Lessons in Xhosa
* Yiddish: Basic Yiddish Lesson

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