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Language Transliteration Sites

Many people have problems converting languages into latin character format so they can learn pronuciation. These transliteration sites should help anyone who might be trying to convert languages so they may be spoken. We will continue to add new sites to this list as we find them. If you are a business and would like to be a sponsor of this site or you find any bad links or new useful links then please contact us from the appropriate address on our How To Contact Us webpage.

Languages Transliteration and Romanization (many languages)
Transliteration Tables for Cyrillic Alphabets
Transliteration Of the Macedonian Cyrillic Alphabet
Varamozhi - Free Transliteration library for Malayalam
JIDDISCH - YIDDISH - Transliteration YIVO
ABM -- Belarusian Alphabets and Transliteration
Gurmukhi to English Translation and Phonetic Transliteration
Latin transliteration of Cyrillic text
Bengali Transliteration System
Qur'an Transliteration
Yamli English to Arabic Transliteration Search Tool
Fulani-Arabic Transliteration
Hebrew/English Transliteration Alphabet
ANSI transliteration of Hebrew
Yiddish Transliteration (YIVO Version)
Transliteration of Greek into Latin characters
Transliteration in Tamil
Sanskrit Transliteration Key

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